Now Shipping! Russound introduces the all-in-one MIXAMP-60, a versatile solution ideal for light commercial audio installation jobs. The MIXAMP-60 is a 70V/100V Mixer Amp with Bluetooth, Tuner and MP3 Audio designed for use in restaurants, retail stores, coffee shops, medical/dental offices, schools, and more


The MixAmp-60 integrates combinations of up to 3 microphones and 4 external audio sources in addition to its built-in FM Tuner, Bluetooth receiver, USB, and SD card MP3 player.

Convenient front panel controls allow for precise volume level of all connected sources as well as an integrated LCD display showing currently selected audio from the built-in sources. Background Music (BGM) and Music On Hold (MOH) integration are available as well as a Telephone Paging Input. Phantom Power is available for the primary microphone as well as adjustable ducking levels. 

Russound Icons Building Versatile design for the most common installation requirements
Russound Icons Microphone Ideal for background music, mic and paging
Russound Icons Music All-in-one solution with integrated Bluetooth, FM tuner and portable media support, and the ability to connect up to four external sources
   Russound Icons Building   The right connections to make installs fast and efficient
Russound Icons Adjustment Front panel controls to easily manage source volumes and Master Volume



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