Not just popular because it's so easy to install

The A-BUS system from Russound has long been known as the easiest distributed audio system to install due to its simplified wiring structure.  At least that's why the installation professionals love it.  But why do they keep recommending it?  Because their customers love it, of course!

Multiroom Simplified

Russound's simplest multi-room solutions are based on the A-BUS technology—the embodiment of simplicity. Designed for exceptional ease of use, our systems are flexible and modular. From single source systems that allow you to share music throughout your home to basic multi-source systems that provide multiple music sources in different locations, Russound offers solutions for any home

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System Expandability

From source components to amplified keypads, an A-BUS system installs using CAT-5 cable and keypads fit into standard low voltage workboxes. Installation, whether in new construction or an existing home, is a snap. The modular design of A-BUS components makes future system expansion painless. Add additional A-BUS hubs or controllers to increase the numbers of system zones 

System control couldn't be simpler

Russound's A-K4 amplified keypad features an on/off/source selection button, volume up/down buttons, and an IR receiver for control via a remote.

Local performance

To enhance your audio experience, the A-BUS Local Input Module provides a local source input to an A-BUS zone. Listen to your iPod or enjoy sound from your TV through your A-BUS system speakers. It includes an IR emitter output for remote control of local sources

All of today’s content

Add Bluetooth  to give your A-BUS system access to any of today’s great content from your phone or tablet



The USRC works with all of Russound's multi-room audio systems including the MCA-Series, C-Series, CAA66 and CA4 in addition to all A-BUS systems.


The A-H484 multisource hub allows you to play up to four audio sources through your A-BUS system. You can select any source independently in each zone at the keypad or with an A-LRC1 remote control. Each zone may have one or two rooms with A-K4 Amplified Keypads.


The A-H4 hub is the heart of a single-source A-BUS music system. It sends the output of your audio source to A-BUS Amplified Keypads or Amplified Volume Controls in up to four rooms. If you want music in more rooms, multiple A-H4 hubs can link together to provide more A-BUS zones.


As the heart of a single-source A-BUS system, the A-H4D hub sends music from your audio source to A-BUS Amplified Keypads or Amplified Volume Controls in up to four rooms. To provide music in more rooms, one or more A-H4Dx Expansion Hubs can be added to the A-H4D.


The A-H2 hub gives you two rooms of music from a single source. By connecting a receiver to the hub, you can use the receiver to select other sources. Or you can connect just a single audio source, such as a computer or a CD changer.



A component of the A-BUS Multiroom Audio System