Turn it on, off, up or down

With Russound volume controls, you can enjoy the music anywhere in your home. Offering wonderful convenience and control to enhance your lifestyle, volume controls are easy to use and blend into virtually any décor, inside and out.
Russound wrote the book on impedance-matching volume controls and is widely regarded as the industry leader in autoformer technology. We offer several high-quality models in a variety of colors to suit any application.

All Russound volume controls feature a superior autoformer design with impedance matching to provide excellent frequency response and maximum power transfer. With our volume controls, you get the highest possible performance, reliability and longevity.

We’re so confident in our award-winning volume controls that we back them with a Gold Guarantee

TBL-75 Front legacy

The TBL-75 is a free-standing, 126-watt tabletop volume control with a headphone jack. It connects to the speaker outputs of an amplifier or receiver and can connect to a pair of speakers or just provide volume control for a pair of headphones. Connecting headphones disconnects the speakers in the room for private listening.


The ALT‐126R is a premium wall‐mounted volume control designed to allow easy, intuitive control of the volume of any audio system from single‐room installations to whole‐house distributed audio systems. Its high quality autoformers and other components are designed to attenuate the audio, without adding extra artifacts or taking away from the listening experience in any way.


The EZB‐8 is an important accessory for all professional installers to use whenever running multiple volume controls from a single amplifier.


The WALTx-2 is a weatherproof 126-watt volume control in a surface-mount PVC enclosure. It connects between the speaker outputs of an amplifier or receiver and a pair of speakers.