More power in more places

Russound's multi-channel amplifiers are the perfect way to expand any audio system to more areas of the home, or to provide extra power in larger rooms or outdoor areas.  Russound's D-Series of digital multi-channel amplifiers are only available through trained installation professionals and offer both exceptional audio quality and intuitive system operation.

What sets the D-Series amplifiers apart

  • Advanced, cool-running digital amplifi cation
  • Independent input option for each audio channel
  • Each stereo pair is bridgeable for a powerful 160w of output
  • Independent 12v trigger input and output options per stereo pair
  • Global 12v trigger input/output
  • Audio Sensing with adjustable time delay

Key Features and Benefits

  • Cool-running Class D digital amplification
    Russound’s D-Series amplifiers use a high quality Class D amplification
    Class D amplification means that Russound amplifiers provide efficient audio reproduction with low distortion levels, lower operating temperature, smaller size, and lower overall product weight than comparative analog amplifiers
  • Bus Input with Individual Channel Input Options
    Russound’s D-Series amplifi ers offer a global bus input with a loop output as well as channel-specific inputs Installers have the option to use the D-Series amps as a standard amplifier, taking one stereo input signal and distributing it to up to 8 stereo zones of audio, but they also have the option of using each amplifier channel individually. For example, a D1650 could power a Dolby® Atmos 7.1.2 system with 7 powerful 160w channels and 2 at 50w, all from a single lightweight chassis
  • 12v Triggers
    Russound’s D-Series amplifiers have both global in/out 12v triggers as well as zone-specific in/out triggers. The flexibility to turn on the entire amplifier or only specific zones as needed gives installers additional control options to automate their system designs
  • Rack-mountable
    Rack-mount ears are included in the box
    Everything is included in the box to use the D-Series amplifiers as either table-top installations, or as a 2U rack-mount installation
  • Bridgeable
    Channels are organized into stereo pairs called zones. Each pair can be bridged to give a powerful 160w @8 ohms
    Being able to bridge channels allows an installer to use more power in larger rooms or in outdoor spaces to provide the optimum sound coverage
  • Multiple Turn-On Options
    Easily configure the D-Series amplifiers to activate with a global 12v trigger, with a local 12v trigger, or using their own robust audio sensing circuitry to turn on as needed
  • Gold-plated RCA Jacks
    All RCA connectors on the Russound D-Series amplifiers are gold-plated, for superior, long-lasting connections
  • Removable, Screw-down speaker terminals
    Easy-to-use, removable connectors allow an easier wiring job, faster installation and service, and the screw-down terminals guarantee a reliable connection that will last for years. Up to 14ga wire can be used with these connectors
  • Individual Channel Gain Controls
    Each channel of the Russound D-Series amplifiers can be adjusted with its own gain control, allowing fine tuning for the particular source, or for the particular audio zone to adjust the sound level to match the space’s needs
  • 4 Ohm Stable Design
    Each channel is stable to 4 ohms, meaning that an installer can use a pair of 8 ohm speakers for each channel if desired. At 4 ohms, the D-Series Amplifiers output 80w per channel
  • Trusted 2-year warranty
    Russound D-Series amplifiers offer a generous 2-year limited warranty on all parts and labor.
SKU: D850

The D-Series amplifiers all have the same legendary Russound sound quality and installer-friendly features customers have come to expect. Ultra-low distortion output (relatively unheard of in other multi-zone amplifiers) allows for clean, undistorted audio even at high listening volumes. A robust protection circuit provides efficient, safe and reliable operation under extreme conditions and protects each amplifier output channel.

SKU: D1650

The D-Series amps are even up to the rigorous demands of home theater applications, easily transforming into a powerful 160 watt X 8 channel monster (in bridged mode). You can also choose to individually un-bridge pairs for lower power applications such as Dolby Atmos® or surround speakers. As an example you could run a Dolby Atmos 7.1.2 system at 7 channels @ 160W and 2 channels @ 50W. That’s Russound versatility!

D1290 Rack Ears
SKU: D1290

Russound’s D-Series of amplifiers are synonymous with premium performance, reliability, and durability, forming the backbone of professional audio installations around the world.