We're very pleased to announce that the next generation of Bluetooth products from Russound are now released for sale, in stock, and available now.


More Info on BSK-2 and BTC-2X

BSK-2 Bluetooth Source Kit
The BSK-2 Bluetooth Source Kit from Russound adds significant new features and functionality from the popular prior model. The BSK-2 is designed to add full-featured Bluetooth audio to any audio system and offers a unique range extension of up to 500' by allowing the remote location of the transceiver module anywhere in the home. The BSK-2 is comprised of two components, the BTC-2X Remote Transceiver and the BTC-2 Audio Hub that is used for audio wiring and power connections. 

BSK-2 Product Page

BSK-2 Product Brief

BTC-2X Remote Transceiver
The BTC-2X Remote Transceiver is designed to add a single source of Bluetooth audio to the Russound MCA-Series of controllers which have all of the audio and power connections to support it already built-in. The BTC-2 audio hub is therefore not required for a single source offering cost savings to easily add Bluetooth to Russound controllers. The BTC-2X can also be used as a standalone Bluetooth audio source when the extra 500' of extension is not required.

BTC-2X Product Page

BTC-2X Product Brief


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