The New D1290 12-Channel 90W Digital Amplifier Is Now Shipping! Contact your local distributor to place your order! 


Russound’s D-Series of amplifiers are synonymous with premium performance, reliability, and durability, forming the backbone of professional audio installations around the world. The newest generation builds upon the legacy of these prestigious products. Each of these models is designed to expand an audio system into more rooms or areas or to add increased audio output for larger rooms or outdoor areas where a higher output volume is required.

The D1290 packs a punch with up to 90 watts per channel. These models utilize an advanced digital design which results in smaller chassis sizes than in any previous generation of Russound amplifiers. The D1290 is only a single rack-unit in height..Being able to reduce the size of the amplifiers was a key goal of the new design, but Russound didn’t want to reduce any features and even wanted to add more than we’ve ever offered in the past.

The new D1290 does just that by adding a new, easily configurable option to custom tailor the audio output for the desired application, from powering traditional speakers, to driving passive subwoofers added to any area of the home, indoors and out.

These new amplifiers give installers the flexibility and reliability they need to satisfy the needs of their clientele, all while keeping an acceptable project budget. And they deliver the high-quality audio performance that their customers expect.


D1290 12-Channel Digital Amplifier


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