Russound is proud to announce the release of an important update for the Russound app for both iOS and Android.  The update to Version 1.6 is now available in both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store for your favorite devices.

Russound App 1.6

This important update adds some key new features to improve usability and allow each user to customize key parts of the Russound app to allow them even easier access to their favorite music, anywhere in their home.

New Features

  • Rearrange your favorites via Drag and Drop Rearrange your Room
  • List in any order you want
  • Set any Room/Zone as the default when the app opens
  • Access the Room List more easily by simply tapping the room name

Usability Improvements

  • The Source name now appears under the Room name on the Now Playing screen to make it easier to see what is currently playing in any room


Rearrange your favorites via Drag and Drop

Easily rearrange your favorites as often as you want This includes both

  • App (Personal) Favorites and Device (Shared) Favorites: App (Personal) Favorites – These are favorites stored on your personal phone or tablet, available just for you. Do you have your own personal “workout mix”, or are you the only one in your home that enjoys listening to “Avant Jazz”? Then store these as your Personal Favorites and they’re available on your phone/tablet whenever you want to listen.
  • Device (Shared) Favorites – These favorites are stored on your Russound device and are available to anyone in your home, on the Russound app. Do you have a playlist of songs your family likes to listen to during the holidays? Is there one artist in your home that everyone agrees is great? (The Beatles? Taylor Swift?) These are great candidates for Shared Favorites.

Show your rooms in the order you want

Customized Room/Zone Ordering

  • Easily rearrange your list of rooms in the Russound app as often as you want Simply tap the edit button at the top left of the screen to enter the re-ordering mode.
  • Please note that the room ordering is personalized for every device so if you use a phone and a tablet for controlling your system, you can set up the same room order on both or use a different order for each device. Everyone in the home can have their own custom organized room list on their phone/tablets.

Have a feature you’d like to see in the Russound app?  We’d love to hear from you.  Just use “Report a Bug” in the settings screen and tell us what you’d like us to improve.




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