So what do you want to listen to today?

Russound’s source components offer you an infinite choice in what you want to hear in your home at any moment. From the latest in streaming audio from the internet, or playing the audio from your phone, to just playing your own private music collection from a computer or NAS drive, Russound offers just what you are looking for.


The ST1 Smart Tuner works seamlessly with the MCA-Series controllers to add a high quality AM/FM tuner with station presets.


The BTC-1X allows you to easily add a Bluetooth audio source to any Russound MCA-Series controller.  The BTC-1X's unique design allows for locating it in or near the room where the user's phone or tablet will be used as a Bluetooth audio source.  The MCA-Series controller can remain in the equipment rack with all of the other audio gear and you can maximize the Bluetooth reception wherever it is needed in the home.


The BSK-1 Bluetooth® Source Kit enables a portable media player, smartphone, or other device equipped with Bluetooth wireless technology to transmit audio content to any multiroom audio system.