HTP-7.2 Home Theater Wallplate

Category: Wall Plates

The Home Theater Plate (HTP-7.2) is a Decora style double-gang in-wall connection plate designed to allow easy hookup of all the speakers in a 5.1, 6.1 or even up to a 7.2 surround sound system. It includes terminals for up to seven speakers and two powered subwoofers. Its Decora design allows for each half to be used independently if desired, for two  single-gang plates, one with 4 pairs of stereo binding posts and one with 3 pairs and a pair of RCA jacks. Flexible to be used in multiple configurations, each connection is clearly labeled. The gold-plated binding posts and RCA connectors make for easy and secure connections, and the captured posts won’t turn while they are being tightened. The 5-way binding posts can accept the following:  bare or tinned wire up to 12 gauge in thickness, pins, spade lugs, and single or double banana plugs. The powered subwoofer connections use high quality gold-plated RCA connectors. 



  • Dimensions: 4.8"W x 4.8"H x 1.1D" (12.2 x 12.2 x 2.8 cm)
  • Weught: 10.5 oz. (298 g)
  • Connection: (14) 5-way binding posts, (2) RCA-F connectors
  • FIts: Double gang standard (U.S. style), but each plate can be used independently in two single-gang openings if desired

HTP-7.2 Product Manual: HTP-7.2 Manual.pdf

HTP-7.2 Front: HTP-7.2.jpg

HTP-7.2 Back: HTP-7.2 Back.jpg