Control4 Integration

Control4, a leading provider of personalized automation and control solutions, allows you to control virtually any device in a home or business, automatically. Founded in 2003, the company mission is to deliver an elegant and more affordable way to control and automate lighting, music, video, security and energy in a single room or throughout the entire home. Today, Control4® certified custom integrators work with home and business owners to deliver the transformative benefits of the smart and connected home: convenience, peace of mind and an efficient environment that’s comfortable and safe.                        


 Connects wC4 Certified CMYK


Current Product Drivers


MCA-66 Driver: russound_mca-66.c4i

MCA-88 Driver: russound_mca-88.c4i

MBX-AMP Driver: russound_mbx-amp.c4z

MBX-PRE Driver (Source Mode): russound_mbx-pre_source_mode.c4z

MBX-PRE Driver (Zone Mode): russound_mbx-pre_zone_mode.c4z


Download Current Control4 Drivers Here:




Connects wC4 CMYK


Legacy Product Drivers


MCA-88X Drivers:  Note: The MCA-88X requires two drivers, one for the audio matrix switching and one for the internal streamer.  The internal streamer is pre-configured as Source 2 on the MCA-88X.

Driver 1 - Audio Matrix Switching Driver: russound_mca_88x.c4i

Driver 2 - Internal Streamer Driver:russound_mca_stream.c4z

XSource Drivers:

        Source Mode - Use this driver when the XSource is configured for Source Mode for use WITH a Russound controller: russound_xsource_source_mode.c4z

Zone Mode - Use this driver when the XSource is configured in Zone Mode for use WITHOUT a Russound controller: russound_xsource_zone_mode.c4z

XZone4 Driver: russound_xzone4.c4z

XZone70V Driver: russound_xzone70v.c4z

DMS-3.1 Driver: Note: The DMS-3.1 MUST be used as a source component with a Russound controller.  russound_dms31.c4z

X5 Driver: russound_x5.c4z


Download Legacy Control4 Drivers Here: