Yes. VoicePlay is designed to be your primary Alexa interface in the room and can be used to control your Alexa-enabled smarthome devices. For example, just say “Alexa, turn on the Kitchen Lights” to activate your compatible smart lights in the Kitchen.

VoicePlay products can play synchronized audio using Amazon MRM (Multi-room Music) that is set up using the Alexa app, or can play synchronized audio content from any iOS device using Apple AirPlay.

We have created a simple guide to walk you through the process. It is available by clicking here.

Once a group has been set up, you can send music to the group by using Alexa voice commands or by using the Alexa app to select and play the music. For example, if you have a group called “Everywhere”, you can say “Alexa, play The Rolling Stones everywhere”. MRM groups are also available in the Spotify app and can be selected from the available speaker list within the Spotify app.

The VoicePlay systems and MBX-Series products from Russound are separate systems and are not designed to be used together. That being said, there are some things that can be done to share audio content via Apple AirPlay 2. If using an iOS device as the audio source, simply select the VoicePlay or MBX-Series products from the list of available AirPlay speakers. Using AirPlay 2 allows the audio content from an iOS device to synchronize among multiple AirPlay 2 compatible speakers.

This is not currently possible however, Russound plans to add Amazon MRM support to the MBX-Series in a future release which would also allow for grouping of the two systems and would not require audio content from iOS devices. Using MRM for sharing audio between VoicePlay and MBX-Series products would allow content to be selected and shared from the Alexa app or by using Alexa voice control.

Yes, more than one group can be active at the same time. There are still network bandwidth limitations and using more than 10 total speakers at the same time is not recommended.

Amazon COMMS, the ability to “Drop-in” on a room or make announcements to rooms is in the process of being implemented for VoicePlay. We are working on this implementation and it will be released as a free software update when available.

Yes, once an MRM group has been created in the Alexa app, it will be available to select from within the Spotify app as an available speaker selection.

No, the VoicePlay system does not currently support using a password for Apple AirPlay. Keep in mind that only iOS devices on the same network as your VoicePlay product will be able to play content to it using AirPlay.

Yes, but this is not recommended. The VoicePlay system is designed to bring effortless voice control to your audio system and your compatible smart home devices. Without linking to an Amazon account, the capabilities of VoicePlay are greatly limited. Bluetooth audio, Spotify Connect, Apple AirPlay and the internal streaming sources would be the only available audio sources.

Pairing mode can be activated using voice control by saying “Alexa, pair my phone”. Bluetooth pairing can also be activated by selecting “Bluetooth” as the audio source using the VoicePlay app.

No, there is no PIN required because VoicePlay can only pair to a Bluetooth device when you want it to. It is not an automatic pairing device and only pairs when put into pairing mode by voice command or by using the VoicePlay app. VoicePlay uses the same pairing method as any Amazon device such as an Echo and is only available to pair to a device when pairing mode is made active by you.

No, a neighbor or other party cannot connect to your VoicePlay product’s Bluetooth connection. Pairing a device can only be initiated by someone in your home by voice command such as “Alexa, pair my phone” or by using the VoicePlay app while on your home Wi-Fi network. The VoicePlay app will only control your devices if it is on the same Wi-Fi network.

No, a neighbor or other party cannot connect to your VoicePlay unless you give them access to your home Wi-Fi connection. Only devices on the same network can use your AirPlay or Spotify Connect on your VoicePlay products.