We have become aware that SiriusXM has begun notifying some of its customers who access SiriusXM through their Russound streaming audio systems about a major change to the SiriusXM internet service due to take place soon.  the original implementation date of this change was March 31, 2020, but it has been postponed by SiriusXM with no new implementation date available yet.  Please check back to this page or visit www.russound.com/status for more information as it becomes available.

We wanted you to be aware of this in case you are contacted or in case your system is impacted by this upcoming change to SiriusXM’s service.

We have been working with SiriusXM on this upcoming change to their internet streaming service that will likely impact some Russound devices for some time now.  The change only affects Russound’s previous generation of streaming audio devices, the XStream™ Series.

Unfortunately, Russound will not be able to resolve the issue on the affected products through an update process because of incompatibilities with the new requirements of the SiriusXM service.

This means that some Russound customers will no longer be able to stream the SiriusXM internet radio service through their XStream Series streamer when SiriusXM makes their announced change.

The models affected are:

ProductProduct Release Date
DMS-3.1 August-2011
XStream-X5 February-2014
MCA-88X August-2015
XSource January-2016
XZone4 April-2016
XZone70V March-2017

Russound is committed to supporting its products and frequently makes updates to our products’ firmware in order to address technology changes and for other items that involve our partners’ services, content-delivery, and back-end infrastructure, but unfortunately for the devices listed above, we do not have a viable path to permit these to work after SiriusXM makes their change.

SiriusXM has reached out via a direct email to affected customers to offer them a free Echo Dot that can be used to continue to receive their internet service after SiriusXM makes their change.

An Echo Dot will enable access to SiriusXM and can be used as an Audio Input on most of the Russound devices listed above or on their connected amplifiers.

We realize however that the free Echo Dot offered by SiriusXM to their affected customers is not a fully integrated solution and Russound will support all affected customers with the following options:

1) Use the free Echo Dot from SiriusXM – the 3.5mm audio output jack on the Echo Dot can be connected to any available audio input on your Russound system.  When that input source is selected, you will have access to any audio content from the Echo Dot, including SiriusXM.  Depending on your exact audio system, you may need to contact your Russound installer in order to add this new audio source into your system.  To obtain the Echo Dot, simply follow the instructions in the email from SiriusXM to access a unique promotional code used for obtaining it.  Note: the Echo Dot cannot be added as a music source to the XZone4 system.

2) Access SiriusXM through Apple AirPlay™.  All of the Russound devices affected by the change made by SiriusXM are AirPlay enabled, allowing you to easily stream any of your favorite audio content from your iPhone or iPad, including SiriusXM.   One of the reasons that Russound chose to become an early adopter of Apple AirPlay was for us to future-proof our devices to allow future content to always be usable in all Russound systems.

3) Access SiriusXM through Bluetooth®.  Bluetooth is another great technology that can help to future proof audio content delivery through a Russound multiroom audio system.  For that reason, Russound designed a special Bluetooth audio connection on its MCA-Series of multi-room controllers and on the XStream-X5 to utilize Russound’s remote Bluetooth receiver, the BTC-1X.   

For other audio systems, Russound offers its Bluetooth Source Kit, the BSK-1, which can easily be connected as an input into most audio systems as well.   For our customers who do not already have Bluetooth functionality installed in their Russound audio system, accepting SiriusXM’s offer of a free Echo Dot may eliminate the need as the Echo Dot is also a Bluetooth receiver. 

The advantage of adding a Russound Bluetooth product like the BTC-1X or the BSK-1 is that the Bluetooth receiver can be located anywhere within 100 meters of the audio system via a simple CAT5 cable and may, therefore, be a better match for your system.  Your Russound installer can best advise you on this and make any recommendations based upon your system and your listening needs.

4) Update your Russound system to the latest streaming technology by upgrading to our MBX-Series of streaming audio solutions.  The MBX-Series are not affected in any way by the upcoming SiriusXM change.  Updating to the MBX-Series adds Wi-Fi capability, Bluetooth, and the ability to use Google Chromecast Built-In for Audio to allow streaming from almost all major music services through any phone or tablet.  This upgrade path would involve replacing some of your hardware and adding one or more of the following based on your installer’s recommendations:

                MBX-PRE – Wi-Fi Streaming Audio Player – designed to work with any audio system, it can fully integrate when configured in Source Mode with a Russound MCA-66, MCA-88, or MCA-88X, or can be used in Zone Mode with any audio system, including all legacy Russound systems sold during the last 20+ years.

                MBX-AMP – Wi-Fi Streaming Zone Amplifier – This 50-watt, Class D digital amplifier with a built-in audio streamer is perfect for updating any system that had streamers with integrated amplifiers such as the XStream-X5 or the XZone4.

We realize that one of the key reasons that Russound customers purchase our products is because they know that Russound will stand behind the products and give them years of enjoyment of their favorite music and other audio content.

Because the solution offered by SiriusXM may not meet your particular needs, Russound has designed a special upgrade program for all affected customers and has made this available to all Russound dealers.

Please contact your Russound installer so that they can discuss the best options for you.