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Be in control of your world

Connectivity and control is all about getting the right signals from one place to another, be it a line-level signal from a source component to a speaker-level signal coming from an amplifier or receiver, and even including infrared that is used to control any of your other devices!  Russound's heritage is in speaker selectors and volume controls where our products are still the best in the business and one of the most trusted brands on the market. 


A one-size fits all solution for any IR installation that works with LED, LCD and Plasma TV’s and is resistant to fluorescent and compact fluorescent (CFL) interference for reliable operation. Color-coded connections with easy-to-use 3.5mm plugs assure correct configurations and reduce the time on a job site.


The SLM-1 is a compact surface-mount IR receiver that can be located almost anywhere. The SLM-1 blends unobtrusively, allowing placement where you need it.


he IRE-1 IR Emitter transfers infrared commands to a single audio-video component or other device.


The Russound CB-140 makes it easy to connect infrared accessories together. The hub of an IR repeater system, it receives signals from remotely located infrared receivers and channels them to your source components and other equipment.


The CB-PS is Russound’s versatile 12-volt, 500 mA power supply for infrared products and other applications. It provides regulated power from an outlet-mounted transformer through a 3-foot (1m) cord with a 2.1 mm coaxial plug.


The WALTx-2 is a weatherproof 126-watt volume control in a surface-mount PVC enclosure. It connects between the speaker outputs of an amplifier or receiver and a pair of speakers.