Ultimate Control

While most audio products on the market today now offer control from a phone or tablet, Russound knows that this is not always the most convenient way to control your device. For that reason, we also offer a variety of keypad/touchscreen control options that can be installed discreetly around your home to give immediate access to the control of your music.

Want to mute your system quickly when you get a phone call without having to switch your phone to a different app?

How about having a convenient place where a single button can turn on your favorite music source around the home as soon as you walk through the door, or turn everything off with a single button when you leave for the day or are ready to go to bed for the evening?

With Russound, it’s an easy addition to give you that ultimate level of instant control.


The USRC works with all of Russound's multi-room audio systems including the MCA-Series, C-Series, CAA66 and CA4 in addition to all A-BUS systems.


The MDK-C6 Multiline Display Keypad is a wall-mounted, standard fit, double-gang keypad for MCA-Series controllers.

IPK-1 Front

The IPK-1 is designed to provide easy access and convenient control to a room or zone using an MCA-66, MCA-88, MBX-PRE or MBX-AMP.


The XTS7 is an elegant wall-mounted touchscreen that can be used to control any MCA-Series or MBX-Series product.