There is a very important new free firmware update available for the MBX-Series products from Russound!

How does the learning feature of the remote control work?

Learning is very easy, much easier than the current MBX and TVA-2.1, but keep in mind that it is NOT needed for most installs.  HDMI CEC handles everything.

To learn a command, press and hold the “Set” button in the top right of the remote control for 10 seconds or until the light turns a solid bright red.

With the red light illuminated, press the button on the top of the remote that you would like to teach, for example the TV Input “TV In” button. The red Set button LED will blink fast, indicating it is ready to learn the IR command.

Place your TV remote end to end with the Russound AVA remote control so that the front of both remote controls are within 1” (2.54 cm) of each other. Press the button that you want to teach, in our example, the TV Input button on your TV remote control until the red SET LED becomes solid again.

Russound’s AVA-3.1 uses a proprietary algorithm to create the center channel audio signal.  The input signal is Stereo, the same as the Russound AVA2.1, but the internal DSP engine then interprets the sound and creates the center channel audio.  This allows it to work with any stereo signal without the need for Dolby or DTS, etc.  It’s even equipped with multiple signal enhancing presets to maximize the sound for music, movies, or for extra clarity on voices and dialog.

Whether it’s using the Mega Bass for adding extra low end in action movies or for your favorite music, or if you want to custom tailor the sound with independent adjustments for bass and treble levels, you’ll be impressed by the adaptability and performance of this premium amplifier.

Yes, any audio setting adjustments that you make with the AVA2.1 or AVA3.1 are passed along through the Line Out.  This is done so that the AVA can be used as the primary audio source to larger amplifiers when used with large rooms or even outdoor spaces.  The beautiful sound will be identical from the AVA itself or from any amplifier connected to it.

If you do have a very large room, a room with very high ceilings, or large zones that you want to cover, Russound has many multichannel and high-power amplifiers that pair perfectly with the AVA-Series amplifiers.

No, the AVA-Series isn’t designed to automatically switch between available sources.   The default source is always HDMI as it was designed to be the perfect amplifier to improve a TV’s sound.   When you are using the AVA-Series amplifier with other sources, you can select them at any time with the included remote control.  This includes both the analog and digital inputs.  You can connect sources to all three (analog, digital, HDMI) at the same time and select among them using the included remote control.

The AVA-Series amplifier will remember the last source used and return to it when a signal is detected, even when the AVA-Series amplifier is in standby mode.

Yes, that’s a fantastic way to combine the two.  The MCA-Series controllers have an advanced analog audio matrix that can synchronize the sound around your home without any lip synch issues or unwanted delays.

Just feed the HDMI signal from your TV into the AVA-Series amplifier and then connect an audio cable from the Line Out to one of the inputs on your MCA-Series controller.  Keep in mind that the audio output of the AVA is variable so the volume level can be adjusted in two places, on the AVA itself, and on the MCA Controller.  Each device’s volume control will limit the other, so make sure to adjust each as needed.

For the vast majority of TV’s, no settings will need to be changed.  TV settings often include minor adjustments for CEC and for the audio output of speakers.  This might need to be adjusted.

For example, if a TV has options for the audio output of “Auto” or a dedicated choice for “HDMI” or “HDMI-ARC”, etc, the installer can set the TV to always use HDMI.

Some TVs also have settings to automate Power commands with HDMI.  These settings can affect whether the AVA goes into standby power mode or not when the TV turns off.

All TVs have different settings options available for Audio Out, HDMI CEC, Connected Equipment, etc, depending on model and brand so if there are any unusual issues with operation, the best recommendation is to have the installer try checking the TV settings first. 

Two-Way Control drivers for Russound's popular MBX-AMP and MBX-PRE Wi-Fi audio streamers released for Key Digital's Compass Control Professional Line.

You can download the full press release here.

We're very excited to announce that the much-requested integrator version of the Russound website is now live! The new go-to hub for exclusive integrator-only content from Russound is now available for Russound Certified Installers. If you are a Russound Certified Installer be sure to check your inbox for more information and login credentials. 

Now Shipping! Russound introduces the all-in-one MIXAMP-60, a versatile solution ideal for light commercial audio installation jobs. The MIXAMP-60 is a 70V/100V Mixer Amp with Bluetooth, Tuner and MP3 Audio designed for use in restaurants, retail stores, coffee shops, medical/dental offices, schools, and more

Russound's Headquarters has moved to 200 International Drive, Suite 155, Portsmouth, NH 03801!

We are very pleased to announce the launch of the newest way to control your Russound audio system!

Exciting new features are available in firmware version 1.02.04, which is available immediately for any new installations and is being rolled out automatically to all MBX devices worldwide. Aside from the bug fixes and reliability improvements, this version includes these new features viewable on the WebConfig page:

The new API documents are now available on our website.  You can find these by going to the “Documents” Tab at the bottom of each of our RCI-required product pages. This includes MBX-PRE, MBX-AMP, MCA-66, MCA-88, MCA-88X, XZone70V, and XSource.

The documents that were added are:

  • RIO Protocol For Third Party Integrators
  • RIO Source Edition Protocol For Third Party Integrators
  • Writing Drivers in RIO – An Overview

We are pleased to announce that custom flush-mounting installation kits are now available for the XTS wall-mounted touchscreen, the MDK-C6 multiline keypad and the SLK-1 single-gang keypad through Wall-Smart.  Check out the new installation possibilities that will enable you to delight your customers at

Support for Voice Control with Amazon Alexa is now available for the MCA-66, MCA-88, MCA-88X as well as the XSource, XZone4, and XZone70V.  Enjoy the convenience of voice control for all of the most popular system commands.  Turn rooms on or off, adjust the volume, control the music, and even play your favorites, quickly and easily  with voice commands.  Ask your Russound Dealer for more info.

We are pleased to announce that the latest URC driver module for Russound has now been released.  The new module allows for complete integration of any Russound XStream Series products into URC Total Control systems.

We are pleased to announce that the latest RTI driver for Russound has now been released.  With full two-way support, the new driver allows RTI users to view and select available media, view the full metadata and album art from any streaming source, and to easily control the MBX-AMP or the MBX-PRE.